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A lot of us have come together on this site and others.. because we all have one thing in common…FIBROMYALGIA.. FIBRO-MY-ALGIA, sometime in our past, recent or further …we have been told we have fibromyalgia. Fibromyalgia is a syndrome in which a person has long-term, body-wide pain and tenderness in the joints, muscles, tendons, and other soft tissues and BLAH BLAH BLAH you know the rest.. for GODS sake we live it everyday…we are more than a diagnosis, and we should not all be lumped together as a whole, there should be stages, and this is why…..

Stage 1 Fibromyalgia should be for those that have recently been finding out that they are experiencing more pain and fatigue than before, you’re not sure what is going on but you hurt and your tired.. you can still go to work, you can still make it through your day, but you know something isn’t it’s something you’re going to bring up at your next routine doctors visit.
Stage 2 You are in pain a lot , sometimes taking an Advil or ibuprofen or what have you .. you get a little relief, you have already been diagnosed with fibromyalgia, and you have accepted the fact this is something you are going to have to live with, you feel a lot of pain and you are exhausted almost every day…but for the most part you keep going and hold down a job, can still go to events, spend time with your friends and loved ones..and have somewhat of a good time…
Stage 3 You are in constant pain, you are constantly tired, more often than not.. you question yourself whether you will be able to function normally anymore.. you are thinking about maybe not working because you no longer have the energy you once get home from work and all you can do is rest..friends call and you have to turn down the have no energy left and you have to rest up just to go back tomorrow…in this stage you start to feel more alone..and more and more people are beginning to think you whine an awful lot. And this stage can last a long time, years even…
Stage 4 You are in pain all the time, good days are few and far between…your calling into work sick more than you even make it in…you’re in bed a good portion of your day.. when you do have a good day you take advantage of it, and do as much as you can, all the things you have left in the past weeks you cram into your day… knowing tomorrow you will be paying for it..possibly even up to a month..but you do it anyway.. because you finally feel good enough to do SOMETHING! By this time your friends make plans without you, they already know your excuses and are 99% positive you will say no.. so they don’t even bother to ask anymore..your family begins to think you are using fibromyalgia as an excuse to not do things.. because stages 1-3 you were able to do some of those things even with fibromyalgia, now you can’ OBVIOUSLY you are using your diagnosis to get out of feel alone, isolated, worried..emotional, sad, and well..did I mention you feel alone? This stage can last years as well.
Stage 5 You have already been let go or have quit your job, you are asking questions about permanent disability and how long it takes.. hoping a majority of people will say 3-6 months tops…but instead your fearful of the horror stories about everyone being denied and it taking years for are struggling to make ends meet.. maybe you moved someone in to help or moved in with someone to save…you spend a lot of your day in bed.. although you still take advantage of that one good day once in are sore, very sore.. you cry a lot… you feel like a prisoner in your own this time you have already explained to your friends that it still feels good to be invited even if you don’t go..they invite you to a few things the next week and then things go right back to the usual..laying in bed crying.. feeling alone.. feeling abandoned..misunderstood..and you have found that the only people that you can relate to are other people whom have been diagnosed with fibromyalgia..what a good feeling..not so alone anymore.. and you wish that your friends and family could see what its really about… this stage can also last for years..

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